Clinical and Forensic Psychologist: Alexander C. Duncan, Psy.D., PC

Board Certified in Forensic Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)

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Forensic Evaluations and Expert Witness Testimony:

Criminal Forensic Evaluations:
  • Competence to Stand Trial or Aid and Assist Evaluations
  • Evaluation of Other Criminal Competencies (Competence to Plead Guilty, Competence to Waive Miranda Rights, etc.)
  • Criminal Responsibility or Sanity Evaluations
  • Aid-in-Sentencing and Mitigation
  • Risk Assessments (e.g., Risk of Harm to Self or Others, Re-integration into the Community, etc.)
  • Malingering and Psychopathy Assessments
  • Adolescent Forensic Evaluations

Civil Forensic Evaluations:
  • Civil Commitment Evaluations
  • Workers’ Compensation/Personal Injury Evaluations
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Disability Determination
  • Evaluation of Civil Competencies (e.g. Testamentary Capacity)
  • Parental Fitness Evaluations

Clinical and Cognitive Evaluations:

  • Referrals related to diagnostic clarification, pre-morbid functioning, psychological and cognitive functioning, and treatment recommendations

Psychological, Personality, and Cognitive Testing

In-service Trainings, Seminars, and Trial Consultation